Friday, June 02, 2006

How about

How about a go in the mud pit

How about a go with the pugil sticks
How about a go with some hand to hand
How about a 6 mile 30 lb ruk sack run
How about wearing the boots of a man

What about some shooting
What about some repelling gear
What about some hard corp training
And pushin past limits and fear

How about some brotherhood
How about taking and passing a real test
One that measures you hard and deep
One that asks of you your very best

What about some tiredness that goes
All the way down into the bones
How about some shared stories over chow
About who you love back home

How about seeing the kind of loyalty
That signs up for a second tour
How about that belief in a pride and purpose
That is worthy of what it takes to endure

How about that Eagle Globe and Anchor
How about those straight up and down young men
Those that walk, ride on and in the tanks
And know that upon one another they can depend

How about those guys

3:49 pm
transcribed this time
4:01 pm



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