Sunday, June 12, 2005

That's real big of you

That's real big of you

Vietnam Veterans

And when the Spoiled and Soiled Brats say:

We blame the leaders...not the soldiers.

Just like we do now.


I say
That's real big of you

Are all soldiers just automatons

Just obeying orders as they
Carry out their consciousnessless deeds
Do you think that's what get's them through
Dancing with death risking being the one who bleeds

Do you think even a one of them
Believe in their family their duty this nation
Or are you kindly not blaming them as they
Walk lock step mindlessly through the situation

Do you think a squad of Marines
Might ever have honor cross their mind
As they get ready lock and load
And step up to the line

Do you wave off their participation
Generously with a wave of your hand
Do you sweepingly dismiss their responsibility
For being brave enough to take a stand

Are all soldiers in all armies the same
Are all just pawns on the board of life
Have you looked into the heart of anyone
Who's carried his nations issued gun and knife

Could there be the slightist possibility
This theory is to make it easier on you
Than it necessarily being about them
Or anything that they might do

Because then what would that say
What if they are not what you say they are
What if they're not robots or poor babies
What if it's you not measuring up to the bar

What if they are seperate individuals
Who have taken an oath to defend
What if they actually know this dangerous
World isn't all intellectual or pretend

What if they are brave and daring
Long suffering and pushin to follow through
What if they are honorable and just
Then what would that say

What would that say about you

10:41 pm
transcribed this time
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