Sunday, June 12, 2005

Excuse the Hell out of me

Well excuse the Hell out of me

If when Born in the USA came out I as a Viet Nam Vet took it as a patriotic song and that it somehow identified that re-adjustment, or fitting in, or being back home, what ever you want to call it was some what rough.....

And even rougher when I look back on it and see that I just came back and tried to keep going on right where I left off...
Like nothing happened...

It took me years....and every now and then I still get to wake up in the middle of the night with another sweat drenched epiphany.


Yeah just excuse the Hell out of me if I misinterpreted your song Brucie Pooh as having any real compassion for me or anybody in my squad or unit who never came back or was wounded or found it also difficult........coming home.


Just excuse the Hell out of me if I still can feel your music
But some how know you can't feel this heart of mine
And that that is just another burden I get to carry
For another fake tough guy slidin by inside freedoms lines

12:10 am


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