Sunday, June 12, 2005

My back yard jungle

My back yard jungle

Is starting to come up
The bananna trees are getting their leaves
The vines are beginning their climb up
The tall grasses are blowing in the breeze

The dead tree is still dead
But it has a bird living in it now
She's always popping in and out
Alert and attentive simultaneously somehow

The elephant ears have exploded
Out of their vibrant bulbs in the ground
The fire-flys are lightly lighting up the night
While the cicadas make their distinctive sound

The morning glorys seeds are just starting
To make their bid for the sky
To spread out their purple and blue wonder
In a phantasmic displayful array for the eye

And it's nice to just sit out on the porch
Or walk the trails between the river reeds
And then there's always those surprises
From the volunteers that spring up from

The wind blown seeds

3:57 pm
also titled..
Helmets and Bamboo
in honorable memory


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