Sunday, June 12, 2005

Memorial Day

Memorial Day….it’s always personal

Guns up, baby!
Guns up!

Sometimes the tears fall
And I remember the rain
Sometimes the blood fell
And I remember the pain

Sometimes the sun went down
And night came at you hard and black
Sometimes you didn't know where they were
Front or side or back

Sometimes you laughed
Because the gunner was funny and cool
Sometimes you listened very carefully because
He was a teacher in the life and death school

But you always learned you answered
When you heard the guns up call
I never met a nicer guy
I never met a guy that had more balls

And sometimes I remember
And I hope he's doing alright now
I hope he made it back
I hope they're all doing ok somehow

2:12 pm
usually I don't use any explicatives
but I've been drinkin and it is memorial day
and you know.....sometimes Marines actually
talk like that..

transcribed this time
11:39 pm


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