Friday, February 17, 2006


I am

I am what rises up out of the shadows
I am your fate and death
That small catch in the back of your throat
That reflexive intake of breath

I am what moves in the silence
And stalks you out in the night
I am the one who faces you down
And makes you do what's right

And that's
Die for your country
Or whatever are your beliefs
Die for your religion
I feel no remorse or grief

I am

Coming for you in the morning
Or as the evening light goes down
I am coming for you in the open
Or in some crowded town

I am the enemy of your dreams
Your nightmares and visions
I am beyond all your propaganda
All those subtle forms of derision

I have my brothers and weapons
My inner intensity is bright
I can be sudden destruction
Or hide out in plain sight

I am

Coming for you and your treason
Of reason and all that is good
Don't bother to try to surrender
It's too late to be understood

dispatch on a statement of being
11:20 am
*transcribed this time
9:57 am
This is something I wrote initially as
my basic response to 9/11/2001.
I feel as though it goes in my
American poems collection as well as
my tribute collection to the military
of today as they do the hard
work that it takes to stand the line.
Feel free to stop by those places
also if interested. And if not,
The Feel Free part still sounds like
a good idea!



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