Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Tryin to break through to men
That are under fire
Cutting through the brush
Keepin an eye out for trip wires

Running when you can
The jungle slappin your face
Gut pushin on adrenaline
Tryin to get to that place

Where messages are being sent
Co-ordinates are being given
For phantoms artillary gunships
Whatever keeps you livin

Breakin hard with sweat
Fear runnin down your spine
Thinkin you're actin like
These are brothers of mine

And you're right
They'd do the same for you
You keep on goin
Whatever it takes to break through

The dust-offs are being called
But they can't get in
It's just too damn hot
They're being driven away again

And again

You're throwin up from exhaustion
But you don't care anymore
Because you've been where they are
And that's something you don't ignore

It's not about the bigger causes now
It's about men that said -me and you-
It's about individuals and small units
It's about breakin through

And the sounds are getting louder
As the battle rages on
You're tryin to beat the sunset
Before the better chances are gone

Sometimes you get there
And everything turns out all right
Which said another way means
They were the only ones killed

In the fight

Sometimes they break it off
Because they know you're comin in
They slip away into the green
Leavin you to mop up and defend

A hasty perimeter set-up
For the choppers to finally come down
And revenge has you shooting
At what you think is a retreating sound


And then
Sometimes they just die there tryin
To ambush the men who gave you a call
That's when it get's real personal
And you want to watch your enemy fall


But there's never enough
To make up for even one of you
If you'd have only been there sooner
When you were tryin to break through

Sometimes you get there too late
And the mood goes to despair
Then depending on what is happening
Is how fast it turns toward a deadly air

You carry it about you
And you want to go hunting them
Even though the chances
With each passing momet gets

Even more slim

You're going to take it out on somebody
You will blow somebody away
Eventually....even if it has to be tommorrow
Because you can't get to them today


Kill them all kill them all
It's an understandable view
Depression's expression has to
Beecome aggression when you've tried

To break through

And you get there
And only load up body bags
That's the way they start out
Before they're drapped in flags

But you'll be right there
When the next signal comes out
Ground pounding down the odds
And aching nagging doubts

There aren't any excuses
You have to live with yourself
When death is in the equation
You don't put it on anyone else

No matter what you're thinkin
It is what you do
You give it everything you have
When you're tryin to break through

written about 1997
transcribed this time
10:57 am


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